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a quick guide to my favorite characters


  • the female character most hated by the fandom 


I want to address something about how I personally consume media, because some people don’t consume it the same way and I’d like to share where I’m coming from.

When I engage with fiction, I tend to end up celebrating and supporting the women and girls. Looking for and focusing on things I like about them, talking them up, defending them.

This isn’t the result of brainwashing, and it isn’t blind and irrational bias. For me (and I’m speaking only for myself but I don’t think I’m alone), the “here for all the ladies” attitude is a conscious effort to examine and unpack my own internalized misogyny and/or racialized misogyny.

If a female character doesn’t resonate with me, I’m more careful about considering why. If a WOC appears on a show I watch, I try to be more conscious of how I react to her character and why. When a female character acts in a way I don’t like, I’m careful about how I express this and try to be thoughtful about why I disapprove.

I know that the culture I grew up in sends constant messages that the stories of white men are the most important. That white men should get more attention and empathy. That white men are the most interesting and their bad actions are excusable, when a female character (especially a WOC) would be held to different morality standards and condemned in the same situation.

My attempt to be conscious of the way those messages shape my reaction is the root of my general focus on female characters and of the way I choose to participate in fandom.

i’d like it more if there were ladies in it - ancient proverb  (via dainessarrasri)


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