truth is a matter of circumstance. it’s not all things, to all people, all the time. and neither am i.

They have so many names for you…




why is no one talking about this

'Black Widow' is listed for 2015 on Scarlett Johansson's IMDB page.


"i don’t play by anyone’s rules."


black widow (2014) #01-04

There is an amazing amount of gripping material to be explored with the Winter Soldier, including his past as a Soviet Agent that can easily tie into the back story of Natasha Romanov. Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada teased huge things coming for the Black Widow post “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” and while a solo turn would be great, her story could also easily continue in a Bucky Barnes-headlining film. Quite simply, for a character who’s been a modern comics staple for less than a decade, there is so much choice Winter Soldier material to explore that a movie spinning out of the events of the new “Captain America” film would be a natural narrative progression. -


I’m getting pretty tired of the suggestion that a “co-lead” position in a movie headlining a dude is an acceptable substitute for a Black Widow movie, from fellow fans and from Kevin Feige. All that gripping material about dark pasts, Soviet spies, and red ledgers is territory Natasha owned before Bucky got there, on the big screen and in the funny books. Why not continue the Winter Soldier plotline in her film? Why is the “natural narrative progression” the other way around?

and can we stop pretending that her story continuing is the same thing as her headlining? it’s not. it’s not at all.

you can’t change my nature

But Natasha is the only one who mines her own vulnerability. She’s the only one who makes it into a performance. And there’s something radical in acknowledging that feminine vulnerability as a performative, as something fake we are taught to expect and to mimic. That can be our superpower. We can be strong in ways men never will be because we face bullshit they will never have to face. That’s not justice, but it is power. It is strength. It’s control. -

this super great essay about black widow and feminism (via helio-phile)

(It’s really funny to me when excerpts from things I write get more notes than actual things I write. I’m real bad at the micro part of microblogging.)


That awkward moment when two master assassins resort to hair pulling and biting

 #the mating rituals of the black widow and the hawk are complex and beautiful #here we have a male trying to assert his dominance over the female by pulling her hair (a common foreplay technique among her kind) #not to be cowed so easily; the female retaliates by sinking her fangs into the hawks vulnerable wings #having found each other worthy the two then mate frantically for several hours at a time #this phenomenon can be witnessed at several confirmed mating sites such at budapest