We're all here together

Seriously, I wanted a spa day.

"There’s always a choice. Whenever you make one, someone else suffers"

palettes ; from dawn to dusk

favorite outfits: bonnie bennett (season 1)


a city sorrow built; “we’re moving on with our lives. together.”

a mix for bonnie bennett, caroline forbes, and elena gilbert

mix cover by the lovely sally

1. graveyard. feist/ 2. the lonely. christina perri/ 3. farewell and goodnight. birdy/ 4. dear darkness. pj harvey/ 5. without a word. birdy/ 6. to darkness. mumford & sons/ 7. come away with me. norah jones/ 8. sorrow. the national/ 9. life will kill you. iida/ 10. ghost town. first aid kit/ 11. ready for a fall. p.j. olsson



The Vampire Diaries Ladies