K: You’re not even the least bit curious to why I’m here?

C: I literally just whoosed at the sight of your face.


lamp to your moth, dot to your map, home and h e a r t and hearth, 
                  a selfishness, submit, surrender,

lim·i·nal s p a c e · the place of transition, of being on a threshold; 
                                the  beginning  of  waiting;

Caroline + fangs.

Isn’t she stunning?



Caroline and Katherine in 5x06.

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katherine: ‘that’s not right’caro makes blood draining a science when kat knows from experience it’s an art it comes with practicei can’t handle all these dynamics in one scenekatherine’s not even annoyed by caro’s control freak takeoverhow most f/f/m interactions on the show need to be

Caroline + necks in season 5.