"And her fucking lips are like the G A L A X Y ’ S E D G E
And her kiss the color of a constellation F A L L I N G into place”

You have no idea
                               how much I’ve m i s s e d you.


favorite character meme → three relationships [1/3] - caroline

elena gilbert

TVD meme[6/10] Scenes
∟ “ Listen, listen to me. I know that you think you made your choice, but you can change your mind. You know, you are strong enough to handle being a vampire. I mean, you’re the strongest person that I know. Oh, Caroline, my strength is all in my beliefs. Becoming a vampire is wrong, people aren’t supposed to cheat death, it’s just what I believe. Please respect that.”

Why are you helping me? Why do you care? We’ve never been friends before. We’ve never been close, not like this.

kc + yielding