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Caroline Forbes + neurotic control freak.
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FORWOOD APPRECIATION WEEK » favorite kissing scene [day 4]
» second kiss in ‘the birthday’
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Caroline + “surprise motherfucker” Requested by onlyklarolinefeels


#AND THATS WHY IM GOING TO GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT SO THAT YOU FUCKING STOP BOTHERING ME#wow like how can’t people see that klaus gave caroline an out of this in the worst way#and she fucking took it because she’d rather sleep with him once#than have him on her tails for the rest of her immortal life#he promised he would never come to her again#so you know she did what she had to to get rid of him#if you call that bitchy or slutty#wow fuck off#caroline is as much as a survivor as the others#its not just katherine because the show puts emphasis on her survival#these kids would do everything and anything to LIVE#and caroline saved her way by giving in once (via: gilbertcest)