guys their noses are touching :c

you are jeff; richard siken

the dislocated room; richard siken

caught between this cold and the waves
my heart beats up, again
are you my trouble

what grew and inside who / first so simple was the vow / then the chorus sang about / your shoulder / the mooring for me / like water lost in the sea / the cold heart will burst / if mistrusted first / and a calm heart will break / when given a shake. — feist, “how my heart behaves”

tell me how all this, and love too, will ruin us. / these, our bodies, possessed by light. / tell me we’ll never get used to it. — richard siken, crush

guys, don’t be angry elena chose stefan and her friends over damon. this is the best thing that ever happened to this ship. she is not willing to give up everything in her life for him! which is not bad. that is exactly what she needs, and damon understands that. in their last moments she could only be honest with him. this is why damon/elena are great. they are real. so all this means is there’s still more for them, more development, more falling in love, more more more. this ship is not about instant gratification. hold on. stop acting like there are any “shoulds” and “ifs” in play.