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you have the p e t r o v a fire.


"You deserve this pain and more."

Kalijah AU: While suffering the hallucinations brought on by Klaus’ bite, Elijah is tormented by the specter of Katherine and his guilty conscience. 

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"… each of which symbolizes both a separate stage in the female life cycle and a phase of the moon, and often rules one of the realms of earth, underworld, and the heavens.” [x]


Caroline and Katherine in 5x06.

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sur∙vi∙vor |sərˈvīvər|

a person who survives, esp. a person remaining alive after an event in which others have died : the sole survivor of the massacre.

the remainder of a group of people or things


Hi! You may have talked about this, but what do you think about Damon killing Katherine in 5x5? Do you believe it was OOC? That the Damon we knew, the Damon who "will always have a soft spot for his first love" doesn't exist anymore? Idk, when I first saw it I wasn't shocked or appalled but now that I think about it...I just thought that he had grown from it and I wouldn't have expected him to act like this towards KATHERINE.


No, I think I haven’t talked about this on my blog :).

Damon does have a soft spot for Katherine. He can’t not — not because Katherine is his first love, but because she’s his role model, the person that shaped him the most. She made him, both literally and metaphorically. 

But this doesn’t mean he wouldn’t kill her. Damon is goal-oriented and focused, and if he decides to do something, there are very few things he wouldn’t do to get shit done (there’s a lot of “do” in this sentence…). He wouldn’t set himself a goal to kill Katherine. He might even attempt to help Katherine in a tough situation, provided that it suits him, too. But if Damon has a goal, and achieving it requires killing Katherine, he’ll do it no problem — just like Katherine didn’t hesitate to send him to his death when she passed him the dagger through John. 

I think it could be interesting to try to explain this through their age, actually. Older vampires on TVD kill much more easily — not just because they’ve done it for much longer, but also because the cultures they come from had a different attitude to life and death. Death was much more visible in the past: public executions, people dying at any age from diseases, in wars, in childbirth. (Btw, this is why it’s bullshit that people in the past spent all their lives with one partner. If you died young, sure. But if you lived to be 50-60, you most likely had 2-3 wives/husbands in a lifetime.) So one could argue that for the people in 15th-19th century, killing someone was less of a shock than it would be for us. Especially for Damon, who was a soldier, and for Katherine, who was an exile, and had to defend herself. Being detached from a community in 1490s was a very dangerous thing, and I’d be very surprised to hear that Kat didn’t stab a few people on her way from Bulgaria to England. Her “better you die than I” attitude wasn’t born when she met the Originals.