endless list of adorable tvd scenes ♔ 2.05 Kill or Be Killed (15/∞)

"Just promise me that she won’t get her way with us. We can fake a fight, we can pretend her threats are tearing us apart…but none of it’s real, okay?"


Godsucks that I can’t see you right now.

 I’m smiling.

Me too.


favorite stelena episodes ♔ 2.05 Kill or Be Killed (2/∞)

"Today, when we’re fighting, if I say ‘I can’t do this anymore, Elena,’ what I’ll really mean is that I love you. And when I say ‘fine, Stefan. Whatever…’ well, that means I love you, too.”

Stebekah + full body shots

Stefan Salvatore Appreciation Week

↳ Day Two | Faceless